Passed Driving Test Insurance may Increase

If you have just passed your driving test, and where insured on a provisional licence to drive your car, you need to inform your insurers that you have now passed the test and are qualified to drive on your own if you don't want your policy to be invalidated in the case of a claim or check by ANPR police car.

One of the downsides of this, is that your insurance premium could go up as a result of passing the driving test!
Many learner drivers don't seem to understand why the cost of insurance would go up, after all I have now proved and the DSA examiner has confirmed I'm safe enough to be un-supervised.

The main reason for the increase, is a case of you might me a higher risk, when factors like age, driving experience, where you live and gender are factored in. Consider a 19yr old on a provisional licence, they would always be supervised by an older and more experienced driver. If the 19yr old passes the test, they are free to drive on their own, and thus pose a greater risk of being involved in an accident due to inexperience or peer pressure. This is opposite to a 44 year old woman who insurers might think would be extra careful having passed, especially if she has children.

Warning Note: It is very important that you provide the correct details to your insurance company, including who the main driver is, a common practise that many newly qualified drivers do to reduce their insurance costs is to say their parent is the main driver and they are an additional driver even when the parent doesn't live at the same address. This is illegal, and will invalidate your insurance in the case of a claim, other 'lies' told include things like saying your car is parked in a garage or driveway overnight when you don't have one.

One thing with insurance, is that you should always shop around to find the best deal, as there is uaually a massive difference in prices that various companies quote for the same person. Even if your policy is not up for renewal, you might find it cheaper (even with cancellation fees) to move insurers once you passed the driving test.

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