Passing at Mill Hill Test Centre

Ms Y passed her driving test first time with only 3 driving errors recently at the dsa Mill Hill centre Bunns lane, NW7 after taking 12 driving lessons with me, and considering that Mill Hill has a lower pass rate than nearby Hendon Beaufort Park and my learner driver client had a Nigerian foreign driving licence with many bad habits acquired over the years, it goes to show that with the right guidance, hard work you can pass the UK driving test.

If you also want to have the same result as Ms Y, you might be interested in my special Mill Hill video which contains valuable information that I have learnt over the last 10 years of using the centre.

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Or you might be interested in my video covering the hardest driving test route used by the Mill Hill DSA examiners which contains a few tricky spots including Apex corner roundabout and MS Y tackled this with ease following my guidance.

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On the day of the test, my client was not confidient of being successful despite my assurance that she was at the required DSA standard, and was inparticular nervous about the bay parking exercise which we had spent a condiserably time on the previous day and I was thus apprehensive for her when it turned out that she had to do this maneuver at the very beginning in the test centre car park!
If only she could hold herself together she would be alright. I didn't stay to see how she did, as she might lose concentration if she spotted me, so I went back to the waiting room and started chatting with one of the other driving instructors.

I was very delighted at the end of the 40 minutes when she passed and from the 3 faults on the DL25 report sheet, it was a confirmation that her hard work from the lessons, private practice and her following my simple advice to continue to read the highway code during her spare time paid off with the DSA examiner commenting about the drive being a safe one and feeling relaxed with her in control of the vehicle at all times.

If you also would like to benefit from my high quality driving lessons and knowledge of what it takes to please these strict DSA examiners and be a safe driver, then why not call or send me a text message on 07956233032. I can also provide a hire car to take a test in if you need a vehicle that meets the DSA requirements, and yours is not suitable or you are un sure.

The video below is of one independent driving test route in use by the DSA examiners in Bunns lane, Mill Hill:

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