Drive on the left except when turning right

As a learner driver preparing for the UK practical car test, you should always drive in the left hand lane especially when approaching a junction, unless you know you are turning right.

I always emphasis this driving tip because you don't want to find yourself in the wrong lane especially on approach to a multi-lane roundabout with other road users being forced to overtake you on the left hand lane.

Many provisional licence holders are always concerned about going the wrong way during the driving test, but in the 10 years that I have been a driving instructor, I have never seen a DSA examiner fail a candidate just for taking a wrong turn SAFELY! While you would be expected if at test standard to be able to read road markings and signs, you are never expected to know the test route, and if you veer off route (you will not be the first to do so) the examiner will get you back to where they want you to be, even if this is during the independent driving element.

At most junctions you can use the left lane for turning left or following the road ahead, and even if you find yourself in a left only lane, the SAFEST thing to do is check your mirrors, indicate left and follow the road. All driving test routes are carefully planned and the examiner will have from the experience with previous candidates known all the options that you can take, so if your road position and approach shows that you intend to take a LONG detour, the will step in and give you a prompt in order to avoid being late for the next appointment, so stop worrying about making a mistake by taking a wrong turn.

Having said this, you should of course use your driving lessons to get used to spotting signs even in the low winter sun position and glare, as you will need to do this once you pass the driving test, and you do not want to be involved in an accident at a junction because you missed a give way sign.

Every individual is different when it comes to learning to drive, so you need to let your instructor know what your concerns/weaknesses, work on them and don't go for a test if you are not fully confident of your driving skills

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