Take Winter Driving Lessons Even If You Passed Test

Winter is truly with us now, and those of you that passed your driving tests in summer might be driving in these conditions for the first time, or you might be learning to with a friend so here are some useful tips.

  • Take driving lessons with a professional instructor. You might have passed the practical test, but winter conditions are totally different from summer, and there is nothing like gaining practical experience in a dual controlled car on how to deal with snow, fog, and black ice. Also your instructor has  many years of experience and for the cost of 1 or 2 lessons you could save on car repair costs and higher insurance premiums.
  • Make sure you have clear vision all round your car. With low temperatures, windows will be covered with frost, so get to the car a few minutes early so you can get the windows cleared before driving off.
  •  A lot of modern cars have heated front and rear windscreens, so you can start the engine and use these to clear the front and back windows, however you will still need to manually wipe clean the side windows. 

  • If you have air conditioning you could use this to help clear the damp and moist air.
  • No matter how in a hurry you are, don't drive with misted or frosted up windows as it only takes a second for an accident to occur!
  • Drive carefully and don't get dazzled. The sun is usually low in the sky in winter months, and this means that you can easily be dazzled, so drive slowly if facing the sun, also remember that the temperatures could be freezing outside, and don't get fooled by the greenhouse effect of the rays in the car, the road could be icy and there might not be as much grip on the road due to black ice.
  • Listen to weather warnings. Severe weather warnings are sometimes issued by the met office, listen to these, and if you are driving a car in an area affected, it might be wise not to drive if they predict adverse weather with black ice on the road or deep snow.
  • Don't be lured into a sense of false security. Having a 4X4 vehicle does not necessarily mean that it would be safe to drive on icy roads. If the road is frozen over, the car tyres might not have any grip at all, and all it takes is one false move and the car goes sliding down the road.
  • Above all use common sense, if it is not necessary for you to be out driving in dangerous conditions, then stay in or use alternative means of transport.
  • In foggy conditions give other cars enough distance to stop, use headlights and fog lights if visibility is less than 100m as per show me tell me questions on the test

Safe Driving and clean licence.

My Learner Driver made Good Progress On Lesson Today

My client learner driver that wanted to kill me the other day had another driving lesson yesterday, and as she walked up to the car, was proudly holding her copy of The Official DVSA Driving Manual, which I promptly checked she had read by asking a few questions about junctions and MSPSL.

After completing her cockpit drill, she asked me about approaching a T-junction on a hill, to which I gave her some advise and mentioned we would practise that during the driving lesson.

Right from the way she pulled off, through the way she approached the first junction, I could see that she had listened to the peep talk I had given her after her last lesson and indeed had been reading and thinking about the information contained in the Driving Manual.

The first exercise of the day was the 'parallel park', which though she did not nail on the first attempt, she showed good control of the car, so we then did the 'turn in the road' this was carried out to test standard, that I decided to introduce the 'reverse round the corner' while things were going well.

After the usual briefing, I talked her through the exercise without any problems, the second attempt wasn't as good in the accuracy department, but control was still kept. As time was running out, we made our way home, leaving her to deal with a mini roundabout on her own without any prompting from me, and she dealt with the situation very well approaching at a safe speed, taking effective observations and using the gap in the traffic to proceed safely.

At the end of the driving lesson, I was happy with what she had done, and so was she, I shall see how things go tomorrow, hoping to continue with the 'reverse round the corner'.

If you have any questions about learning to drive, please do search my blog 1st before emailing me, as I do get a lot of queries on things that I have already dealt with in a separate article. You can also subscribe to my free YouTube videos using the link in my video above.

Borehamwood Test Centre New Location

Following the recent closure of the old DVLA local office in Borehamwood that doubled as a driving test centre, the DVSA has a new temporary location from which a limited number of practical car assessments can be conducted for provisional licence holders.

The address is:

7th Borehamwood Scout Group
Denbigh Lodge
Berwick Road

Please note the following instructions.

1. The site has no toilets for learners or Instructors
2. There is no waiting room, so when you arrive park in the car park and wait in the vehicle for the examiner to come to you.
3. Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your appointment to keep the car par free for candidates finishing tests.
4. No practising is allowed in the car park at ANYTIME.
5. Your test confirmation letter/email will have a contact telephone in case of adverse weather.

My one advice for anyone taking the driving test in Borehamwood is make sure you practise and are confident with mini-roundabouts as there are lots of them in the area.

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