Theory Test Provisional Licence Required

You need your provisional licence for you to book and take the theory test in the UK.

If you already have a theory test booking, and for some reason you are unable to produce your provisional driving license either because it lost, misplaced or revoked by the dvla, then you will not be allowed to sit the computer based examination even if you have no plans of driving a car until a replacement arrives.

The UK driving test consists of two seperate parts (computer based theory examination and a practical car/motorcycle assessment), and you need to pass both (theory first) in order for the DVLA to grant you the priviledge of driving or riding alone with out restrictions. It is for this reason that your entitlement to drive needs to be checked before you can sit the theory test. Remember you need both parts (counterpart and photo id), without which you will not able to take either the theory or practical tests.

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