Driving Lesson Briefings

When a DSA qualified driving instructor wants to introduce a new subject to a learner driver, they would normal use a driving lesson briefing which might include diagrams to illustrate and clarify the new skill being taught.

The purpose of driving lesson briefings is to draw on any previous knowledge and experience when introducing the new subject, so an experienced instructor should tailor the briefing to suit the individual and not always follow a set procedure. For example when starting the parallel parking exercise, the ADI might ask the learner what clutch control is and how does one use it to keep a vehicle slow during a manuever. One student might be able explain it properly, and say he/she has no issues with this skill, while another might never have heard of it!

The use of diagrams on lesson briefings can help some learner drivers more easily remember concepts of a particular subject, while for some it can help stopping boredom though no lesson briefing should be more than 10 minutes.

I know in the real world some ADIs do not use lesson briefings when introducing a new subject, but they are a very useful tool and resource that any DSA fully qualified instructor should be using.

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