Passed Driving Test Young Be Safe

If you have passed the drivng test and are young, then it is important that you adopt a safe attitude towards driving, as a pass certificate is just the beginning of a journey to gaining experience on the busy UK roads that you now have the freedom to roam on.

Don't allow the joy of finally getting a full british driving licence cloud your judgement, you are inexperienced, and if you do the research you will know that newly qualified young drivers are more likely to be involved in a serious accident within a year of passing for the following reasons.

1. Youthful exuberance: It is natural to want to live on the edge when young, be adventerous and enjoy life, unfortunately public roads are not race tracks, so if you want an adrenaline rush from driving a car fast, go to a race track where you will get the proper training and be able to race in a controlled environment. Driving fast on a public road is not a sign of a safe person, and sooner than later you will be involved in an incident if you keep going that way.

2. UK roads are very busy today: Compared with just 10 years ago, the roads are much more busier nowadays, and you need to think about not just you driving safely, but compensating for the actions of other road users (this includes pedestrian, cyclists, motorcycles and other cars). Almost everytime you see a road collision, it is usually down to either excessive speed or inadequate observations.

3. Mechanical things do breakdown, especially if not maintained properly, so always relying on your brakes to stop you at the last minute is not the right attitude. Anticipating, reducing speed on spotting hazards, always considering the worst case scenario when thinking if a situation is safe or not, all help to keep drivers safe.

Make progress when it is safe by all means, but speed limits are put in place for a reason, and breaking them not matter how good or safe a driver you think you are, only goes to show why there are so many accidents and injuries on UK roads today. Listen to any radio traffic update and almost 99% of delays, road closures are due to accidents which if investigated, the root cause would be human error.


Finally, now that you have passed the driving test, remember you were once a learner and be patient when you see a car displaying 'L' plates.

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