Failed Driving Test in Automatic Car

It is just as easy not to pass the driving test in an automatic car as it is in a manual transmission vehicle.

While you will take fewer driving lessons to get to test standard in an automatic car compared to the same individual using a car with gears, once you are ready to take a practical car driving test, then the errors that candidates commit are similiar, and most of the time it is not gears or the lack of them that contribute to the serious driving fault.

So what are the most common causes of candidates not passing a driving test even in an automatic car that has no gears?

1. In-effective observations when moving off, usually not checking right blind spot (some actually turn their head, but don't SEE), failing to notice vehicles on road that they are moving into.

2. Junctions - Rushing into a junction when it is not safe either because you missed a gap and the vehicles behind you are getting impatient, or you think the examiner is going fail you for undue hesitation even though it was not totally safe. Knowing the rules that apply at a roundabout and planning ahead to know if you can proceed or not.

3. Loss of control during driving test maneuvers. This could either exibit itself in the candidate's inability to perform the exercise (car not inbetween lines on bay parking exercise for example), or hitting the kerb while reversing round the corner. While clutch control is normally a problem for some learners in a manual car, everyone still needs to remember the reference points and which way to turn the steering wheel.

These are usually the main reasons why people fail. Other less common errors are

4. Lane Discipline on dual carriageways or roundabouts.

5. Meeting Traffic - Approaching too fast due to lack of planning and anticipation of the situation ahead.

6. Making Progress. Not spotting speed signs or lack of confidence to drive at higher speeds.

There is so much to passing the driving test, and if it were that much easier to pass in an automatic, hardly anyone would be learning to drive manual!

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