Failed Turn in the Road Driving Test

One of the first driving manuevers you will have learnt on your lessons with an instructor is the turn in the road (often refered to by some as the 3 point turn), and by the time you have booked a driving test you should have performed this exercise very many times.

It is therefore very unfortunate if you fail the test on what I think is the simplest of all driving test manuevers, especially if doing it in an automatic vehicle.

Now I know that sometimes it can be hard to get rid of driving test nerves, but the turn in the road exercise is one of times when you have total control over the situation, especially because you can easily see around you, most of the road will be flat, and if you have been taught how to properly deal with other road users, then other road users turning up, should not be an issue.

So why do people fail the turn in the road exercise on their driving test.

There are only two columns on the driving examiner's DL25 marking sheet.

  1. Control: Hitting the kerb, is usually the fault that trips candidates. It could happen either going forward, but usually the reverse portion tends to be more difficult part.
  2. Observation: Ineffective obeservations means the learner fails to notice another road user, be it a pedestrian or another vehicle.

Take your time during the 3 point turn exersise, keep calm if another vehicle turns up, memorise your referenc points, and get enough practise on busy, narrow, hilly roads.

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