Driving Test Pass Certificate Usage

When you Pass the driving test, the DVSA examiner will issue you with a driving test pass certificate and offer you the option of having your new full UK licence delivered directly to your home address. If you go for this option, your provisional licence will be retained by the examiner, and it is important that you keep the test pass certificate in a safe place till your full driving licence arrives in the post, which could be up to 3 weeks.

If you need to drive a car immediately, it is advisable that you always carry your pass certificate with you, as if you are stopped by the police in an ANPR car, it will save you hassle being able to prove your entitlement to drive, as the DVLA might not have updated your details on their database.

Your driving test pass certificate contains all the information you need to chase the DVLA if you have not got the full licence after the 3 weeks period has elapsed. If for any reason you don't want the examiner to request your licence on your behalf (motorcycle test, moving address or old style paper licence), then you need to make sure you exchange your certificate within 2 years of passing the driving test, or your entitlement will lapse and you will need to pass another practical car test.

If you lose your pass certificate, and haven't applied for a full UK driving licence, then you will need to contact the DSA about a replacement for which you might have to pay a fee. Once you have been issued with a full UK driving licence, your test pass certificate has no use, apart from being a keepsake to remind you of your achievement.

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