Hendon Test Centre Driving Examiners are Considerate Helpful Friendly

Of all the centres that I use in North West London for my clients that are trying to obtain a full UK licence, I have found out over the years that the DSA driving examiners at Hendon test centre are the most helpful, considerate and easy going.

Now because the customer service offered at this beaufort park centre is one of the best I've encountered, doesn't mean that it has an easy pass rate, and that you will not fail the driving test if you commit a serious fault or are not at the required DSA standard, but it does mean that you will be much more relaxed during the test, and are less likely to make a mistake because your are nervous or not at ease.

For those those of you who might be wondering, the pass rate at Hendon test centre is 38%, slightly higher than nearby Mill Hill which is 34%.

hendon test centre routes
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If however you are nervous of the test, worried because english is not your first language, have any learning difficulties, then the examiners will do their best to make you comfortable so you can concentrate on giving your best effort during the assessment. You can ask them to repeat instructions, talk more slowly or point to directions if you get your lefts and rights mixed up. Don't forget you can also use your instructor as an interpreter on your test, if english is hard for you to understand.

If you require high quality driving lessons from a very helpful, patient and fully qualified instructor, then why not call or send me a text message on 07956233032, I can also take you on the DSA examiner routes if you are not familiar with the area.

One of the keys to passing the driving test at Hendon, is making sure you are confident with your junctions especially roundabouts, know how to do your manuevers, and have had enough practise on your dual carriageway and country roads. In addition get used to looking out for and knowing what the road signs mean, as you would obviously need to obey them during the independent driving elemant. These are some of the keys skills that I make sure all my candidates possess, as I don't take any of the DSA examiners for granted, knowing that they can fail you even if they act relaxed.

DSA Examiner Driving Test Routes

As an instructor over the years I have seen some very good drivers get tripped up at some tricky places on some of the routes by examiners in the NW London area, so I have made these tutorial videos to cover these situations.

Each video covers what I have found out to the toughest route, and has additional tips on other places or things that you should be aware as a driving test candidate. These are offered as complimentary preparation materials to your lessons or private practice sessions.

Hendon Driving Test Routes Video 2012

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Independent Driving On the Test.
Theory Test Changes
Driving Test Changes.

Mill Hill Driving Test Route Video

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Borehamwood Test Centre WD6 Route Videos

Thinking about becoming an instructor? Don't just make a decision based on the red driving school TV advertisement, do the proper research and know all the ADI training options available to you.

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