BSM driving school on BBC Watchdog

I don't know what the big deal was about last week that BSM driving school was appearing on the BBC programme Watchdog.

I have mentioned in the past, that the service you get as a learner driver depends solely on the driving instructor as 99% of ADIs in the UK operate on a self-employed basis, and major brands like AA Driving School, BSM, RED, etc all operate on a Franchise basis, with the instructor having to pay the organisations a hefty weekly fee for the privilege of using their logos and car. In fact these organisations survive not through the learner drivers that take lessons, but the weekly fees the ADIs pay (2,000 X £250 is a tidy fee for BSM that is guaranteed irrespective of the number of lessons sold, this is a rough estimate).

Now using a respected brand name like BSM or AA, you expect to get a decent level of servce, and in most cases you do, but given the high number of learner drivers that use these schools, there are bond to be customer service issues and there was nothing unique about the 3 cases that the BBC watchdog programme featured about BSM.

Take the case of the car that went on a test with an expired tax disc, that is the fault of the instructor as much as BSMs, every ADI knows what the DSA examiner checks on a car, so the instructor should be making sure the car meets all requirements!

As far as I can see, nothing to make so much noise about, except to get a few more viewers for the watchdog programme, and maybe publicity for BSM.

The moral of the story if you ask me is to make sure you choose the right driving instructor, and do not be afraid to change if you find out that they are not providing you with the high quality of service you deserve. If is your money, so you need to be in control.

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  1. claire9:23 pm

    we need some help. my husband was duped into signing up to red driving school, he wasnt savvy enough to see past the smooth sales patter. He has not been booked in for 1 test yet. Everytime he rings up to say he hasnt received any paperwork, he gets fobbed off and told it will be with him shortly, this has been going on for 2 years! he has logged complaints to no avail and still no test date. Of course they have our money (which used all our savings!) How can I get them to listen to us?




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