The Driving Test is hard

I don't need to remind you that the current DSA driving test is very hard, and it only takes one driving test mistake for you to fail.

Having said that, my experience as a driving instructor in London has shown that many test candidates don't give the UK practical car assessment enough attention that it deserves, and the result is failure.
Anyone wishing to take any test would surely find out what is required to pass and will not wait until the week of their appointment booking a 1hr lesson for the day before their test hoping to get all the information and practise they need to impress the DSA the following day! A bit far fetched? In the last 6 weeks, I have had several people do exactly that, and it doesn't matter how good/helpful your instructor is, if you haven't had any preparation (especially with the bad habits your friends or family might have allowed you to develop), you don't stand a chance of passing.

Pass your driving test first timeSometimes people fail their driving tests without even stepping into the vehicle because they aren't aware of the eyesight requirements, have a vehicle with tyres that don't have enough tread depth, faulty headlights, brake lights not working, I have even seen someone not only turn up late for the driving test, but was expecting the DSA to provide the test vehicle!

You can never be over prepared for the UK car test, so make sure you have as much knowledge and practice before you present yourself to the examiner.

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