New Driving Test 2 months to go

It is exactly 2 months before the new driving test changes come into effect on the 4th of October 2010.

On this date Independent driving for 10 minutes will be a new assessment element that all DSA test candidates will be required to perform, and as a result you will only be required to carry out 1 out of the 4 driving test maneuvers that you have learnt.

According to the DSA, all test routes have now been confirmed, and the required diagrams have now been printed ready for driving examiner use, so all is set for implementation.

As a driving instructor, I have been keeping an eye out at the local test centres to see if there are any manager surgeries which might provide information on where these independent elements will be done, but so far nothing is coming forth from the DSA, so as the time gets closer all I'll be able to do is practise on arbitrary roads so learners can get used to the idea of either memorising 4 consecutive instructions or follow diagrams as I don't think there are well signposted routes in the Mill Hill and Hendon areas that I cover.

In the meantime if you require driving lessons in Hendon or Mill Hill to help you pass the driving test on your next attempt, then why not call or send me a text message on 07956233032. If I don't answer your call do leave a message as I don't take call during lessons.

Thinking about becoming an instructor? Don't just make a decision based on the red driving school's TV advertisement, do the proper research and make sure this is realy what you want to do, not just an easy way to make money.

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