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As a driving instructor, I've seen this too many times, not just while out giving tuition to learners but even on the driving test, people not knowing who to give way to at a mini-roundabout.

It does not matter what instructions you've been given, at a mini-roundabout, you only need to yeild to traffic approaching from the right (always be on the lookout for cars making a u-turn coming from ahead and getting to the junction before you). Having said that, there should be no reason to stop for vehicles from the LEFT as illustrated in the driving lesson video below.

I know from experience that there will be times when you will encounter cars approaching fast from the left, but you need to be assertive in the knowledge that you have the right of way, and you will find out that they will stop.

A driving examiner WILL fail you (I've been in a car and see this happen) if you stop for a car approaching from the left and the right is free. So what should you do if you think the car from the left is approaching too fast and doesn't intend to stop? Use your horn to alert them of your presence as you continue through the junction. BUT won't the examiner penalise me for using the horn? Not if your use of the horn is appropriate and to avoid danger. This is why it is essential you find out what driving examiners are looking for, especially if you don't have an instructor or have any doubts about information you have been given. There are no driving test secrets and you shouldn't believe every story your friend tells you.

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