Bad Driving Habits Will Catch You Out Sooner or Later

As a driving instructor, I teach my provisional licenced learners safe techniques to observe while in the car, obviously because without these they have no chance of passing the driving test. I do however during each lesson emphasize the importance of being a safe driver even after getting the full UK licence using appropriate examples where possible.

Human beings are creatures of habit, and if you as a driver do something unsafe once and get away with it, then you tend to keep doing it. A typical example is the amount of drivers you see on the road using their mobile phone while driving. Just yesterday a woman narrowly missed being hit by a HGV lorry while changing lanes on a dual carriageway because she was talking on the phone and had moved into the middle lane without looking or indicating causing the lorry driver to brake harshly. The sad thing is that she was not even aware of the danger she had caused because the HGV driver did not blow his horn. When I caught up with the car at the next traffic lights she was still chatting away. Sooner or later this driver will be involved in a car accident, and it might be a fatal one if it occurs on a motorway or a higher speed road.

If you are reading this blog, you are most likely a provisional licence holder, but you will pass the driving test one day, and the relief plus freedom of being able to drive unsupervised will soon start to overide all those safe driving habits. First you might start off with breaking speed limits, soon you won't be checking mirrors, using your indicators. you will start tailgating other vehicles, eating while driving and before you know it you are an unsafe driver. You will then justify your actions by saying you have not been involved in an accident and thus you are safe, and since a lot of other drivers are doing the same driving actions, it doesn't matter.
Well like I said, sooner than latter you will be caught out whether you like it or not, it could be 10 years, but are you willing to wait till you and your family are invlolved in a life changing crash?

I listen to the radio a lot because of the amount of time spent in the car, and everyday the traffic reports always involves delays caused by road accidents and that's just the ones that occur on main important roads. Think of the many others that do not get into the news. now is the time for you to learn and maintain the safe driving habits, don't wait till you are one of the statistics on the 6 o'clock news.

Many learners only use instructors because they want to pass the test and get a full licence not becuase they want to be a safe driver. You might be thinking no I am not one of them, but I have the evidence to prove it, less than 20% of those that pass the driving test take up the pass plus course, and many of these newly qualified drivers will have never driven in the dark, been on a motorway or will be driving a powerful fast vehicle in the winter for the very first time with no previous experience, and age has nothing to do with it, being 35 doesn't mean you will be able to drive safely on a motorway or handle a car more safely than a 19 year old!

For the sake of your loved ones if not yourself, drive safely, don't allow ego, peer pressure to change your mind. It only takes a moment of distraction for an accident to happen, you have a better chance of reacting correctly if you kep your speed under control, leave the right distance between you and the vehicle ahead, plan your journey and leave early. There are more cars on the roads today than there were 10 years ago, so the chances of being involved in an accident are more today, especially with the high number of unsafe drivers around!

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  1. Driving School

    Reckless driving practices involve any driving behaviors which violate traffic laws or compromise others' safety. Examples of such behavior include:

    • Speeding-Speed limit signs are one of the most commonly disregarded traffic laws.

    • Running red lights and stop signs-Failing to stop at a red light, or accelerating through a yellow, is a hazardous practice that is often the result of hurried or frustrated drivers.

    • Weaving in/out of traffic-Many young and carefree drivers think it is fun to weave in and out of traffic, particularly on highways.

    • Tailgating-Following cars too closely decreases your traffic "cushion." If the driver in front of you must brake suddenly, tailgaters are at an increased risk for rear-end collisions.
    • Racing-Generally, only young drivers participate in street racing. For an array of reasons, racing is unsafe.




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