Check Test cancelled by Snow

Following my last ADI check test incident, the DSA had booked me in to see the SE-ADI at my local Mill Hill driving test centre for the 23rd of Dec at 09.00am. I had made up my mind that this time I was going to go for a role play test this time, and had completed the reply slip saying so, my expectations was that I'll be offering a remedial driving lesson, especially since I have been pretty busy this winter with many learner drivers wanting these.

The recent snowy weather last week hadn't made me have high hopes of the check test going ahead since neither Hendon or Mill Hill centres had carried out any driving tests since Friday, but since I hadn't heard from the examiner, I attended anyway, and wasn't surprised when I was told the assessment of my teaching ability will not be going ahead.

So I now have to wait again for another appoitment to be arranged in order for me to get my ADI grade sorted out and remain on the DSA register.

Thinking about becoming an instructor? Don't just make a decision based on the red driving school TV advertisement, do the proper research and know all the ADI training options available to you.

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