Learner Drivers and snow

Should a driving instructor take learner drivers out on the road for lessons in snowy and icy conditions?
Many full licence holders will say no because they are going to slow us down, and just be a nuisance to us.

The snow that fell in parts of the UK on Friday was perfect for giving driving lessons to some learner drivers on how to handle a car in icy conditions and also deal with other unsafe road users who might be ignoring the conditions.

I could demonstrate ABS kicking in, how stopping distances are greatly multipled, skidding when going round junctions, we even witnessed a car braking too harshly and running into parked car, not to talk of going round a junction to face a taxi reversing into the road and failing to stop even after using our horn to warn it of our presence. I had just been telling the pupil the importance of being extra slow at junctions in icy conditions!

As a provisional licence holder, you should take advantage of any driving lessons in snowy or icy conditions that may come your way (I havs had to cancel tution of conditions were too dangerous), as you don't want to find yourself driving a car in snow for the first time after passing your test with no previous experience.

If you are thinking of using cheap driving lessons to learn to drive, you might want to think again about your choice.

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