Driving Lessons with Red?

I recently had an enquiry from someone asking if I would advice them to take driving lessons with Red in the area where they lived, and the answer I gave to this provisional licence holder is the same that I give to everyone, and I mentioned this in my AA driving lessons post, the quality of tuition you get depends entirely on the instructor, and not the school franchise that they might have bought into, whether it be RED, AA, LDC or BSM.

Now I know that strong brands are supposed to represent quality, but in the case of driving lessons, this is not usually the case because it is impossible for the franchise owner to monitor the activities of all its driving instructors, all they can do is issue guidelines which they hope their franchisees will follow.
One of the advantages of taking tuition with national organisations like RED, is that you can make complaints to a central call centre, and possibily get your driving instructor changed possibily with a goodwill free lesson, but not many learner drivers take the time to do this, they either walk away completely, or if close to a test, will bear with whatever they are not happy with, and try and pass their practical assessment with an ADI they are not satisfied with and the services offered.

So once again, when thinking of booking driving lessons, try and find out as much as possible about the instructor that you will be using, or has been allocated to you, and in particular take note of how your first few sessions go, if you notice things you don't like (taking phone calls, texting pupils, abusive language racial, sexual, etc, shouting at you, etc), then you should consider getting someone else, and he/she is not going to change, that is their personality and they way they conduct their driving school business and RED, the AA or BSM will not be able to change it, nor will you.

You should be able to enjoy your driving lessons, and always look forward to the next one, not dread and have to endure the hour or 2hrs you are in the car, afterall you are paying for a service, and with the current competition in the learner driver training market, there are a lot of good driving instructors out there, both franchised and independent looking for your business, you just need to find them. All the best with your lessons and the test when you get to it.

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