Driving Test Centre Phone Number

Looking for your ADI's DSA Number to book a test, it is not required. Leave the space blank.

The phone number for your local driving test centre is on the appointment letter that the DSA will have sent you shortly after booking your test.

The only time you will need to phone the centre is on the day of your appoitment to check if the driving test is still going ahead if there has been bad weather overnight or during the day before your appointment time. Any other enquires regarding the DSA practical car assessment should be made via the website or the customer services contact telephone number (if you can get through). The dsa examiners are busy conducting tests, and don't have the time to spend on the phone which is why the telephone numbers are not published for general knowledge (how would you like your test cancelled or delayed because an examiner was held up).

If for any reason you don't have an appointment letter and need to contact the dsa centre where your assessment is taking place (late teest booking, postal strike), then you would have to go through customer services or just turn up for the test and hope it goes ahead (not a good idea if you have to travel far (I've had people from Hackney, Clapham take tests in Mill Hill/Hendon). This is one of the reasons why you need to keep you appointment letter with you. By the way you can't phone to let the driving examiner that you are running late, if you are more than 5 minutes late (no matter the reason or excuse), the appointment will not go ahead, and you will lose your test fee.

You can download the DSA Contact Phone Numbers for some London Test Centres if the above information has not been helpful.

DSA Examiner Driving Test Routes

As an instructor over the years I have seen some very good drivers get tripped up at some tricky places on some of the routes by examiners in the NW London area, so I have made these tutorial videos to cover these situations.

Each video covers what I have found out to the toughest route, and has additional tips on other places or things that you should be aware as a driving test candidate. These are offered as complimentary preparation materials to your lessons or private practice sessions.

Hendon Driving Test Routes Video 2015

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Independent Driving On the Test.
Theory Test Changes
Driving Test Changes.

Mill Hill Driving Test Route Video

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Borehamwood Test Centre WD6 Route Videos

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  1. Anonymous8:24 pm

    I have my first driving test this coming Thursday (20th May) and I haven't received any letters or emails from the DSA at Millhill where my test is being held! I need their phone number! Where can I get it?

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