Driving test is not over till

Your driving test is not over till the DSA driving examiner says so!

If you are on test, you should remember that it is not over until you have driven back to the test centre, stopped the car, and the examiner says the words 'that's the end of the test'.

You should therefore keep at your best driving skills at all times till then, I've heard of so many people who have failed their tests either within sight of the driving test centre or in the actual car park.

While you might think that it is unfair to have driven well for 35 minutes and then be failed by the DSA examiner for a serious driving error committed in the last minute of the test, they have to abide by the rules and assess every aspect of the drive up until the very end.

So if you are on a driving test, you need to stay on your best behaviour till the examiner tells you the test is over.

Mistakes on the driving test

If you commit a driving test mistake while out on your assessment to get a full UK licence, not matter how serious you might think it was (hitting the kerb, not checking a mirror or forgetting to signal), you should not give up hope and therefore driving anyhow. The examiner might not have seen it as a serious error, so don't take your driving test cap off and resign to the fact that you have failed. I've had many learner drivers who said they thought they had failed their driving test because of an error only to be told they had passed, and that the mistake was just a minor!

So whatever the case maybe, the result of your driving test will be determined by everything you do up till the point in the test centre car park and the examiner tells you the assessment is over. Untill then you have every chance of passing the driving test if you give it your best shot!

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