Driving is a life Skill

Not everyone thinks learning to drive a car is a skill that they need to acquire especially if they live in a city with very good transportation links and can get anywhere they want by public transport or if necessary by taxi.

Being able to drive a car is a life skill that once acquired could very useful in the future if not required now, and because it is easier to learn to drive when you are young, will cost you less, there is no reason why you shouldn't do it now rather than later.

Being a driving instructor, I frequently come across people who have either had a lesson on two when they were 17 yr olds, never took a driving test and much later in life now need to drive and are forced to take lessons due urgent needs to be able to drive a car. Some people even make it till their 40s and then find out that having a full UK driving licence will be paramount to thier moving to that dream house of theirs in the countryside.

The main resaon I'm writing this is that just like many of us never gave any serious thought to learning French or Spanish when we were growing up, you now find out that life would be much easier if we had acquired the skill while young and bright.

Driving Test Games
Learning to drive becomes much harder the older you get, and if you can get someone to help with the cost of driving lessons while you are bright and young, then why not take advantage of it. Christmas is round the corner, so why not ask for a gift of a couple of driving lessons instead of a game console, new mobile phone or those designer clothes you really have been hoping for. Knowing how to drive a car will last you a life time, an XBox 360 console with the latest driving game will not!

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