Driving Mock Theory Tests

If you are preparing for the DSA theory test, then you are probably looking for mock test questions to help you practice so you can pass the theory examination.

Before you start looking for mock theory test questions, it is important that you have actually studied all of the highway code and the relevant books to acquire the knowledge that will not only help you with the mock theory test, but also this information is what you will need for the practical driving test.

Many people use mock theory test question banks to prepare for the real theory test by trial and error, and memorising the answers as they go through the questions over and over again. While you will pass the mock theory test, and could even pass the DSA test, this is not a good way of preparing for the practical driving test.

As a driving instructor, I regularly see learner drivers who have passed the theory test including the hazard perception video clips, and yet they fail to recognise simple traffic signs, road markings or approach hazards without due caution.

Passing the driving test and obtaining a full UK licence is not a matter of play games of chance. Getting a licence is just the beginning of developing a life long skill, which is why those mock theory tests are there to test your preparedness and not to be used as a study tool to acquire the initial knowledge.

Mock Driving Theory Test Websites

There are quite a lot of websites out there with various mock theory tests, and a quick google search will reveal most of them. As I've mentioned earlier on, use online mock theory tests to check you've got the knowledge to pass the DSA examination, not to acquire it.

Driving Test Success Hazard Perception Test Software

Many people don't have a problem with the mock theory test questions, but where they really struggle is with the hazard perception video clips and the scoring window in which to click the mouse. I've given some detailed help on this in my hazard perception post, and I would recommend you use Focus Media Driving Test Success CD Rom to study for this portion. The Driving Test Success CD/Roms/DVDs has the highest pass rate for hazard perception candidates on the DSA theory test, and is the most popular product recommended to not only pass the HPT, but the whole theory test.

If you aren't looking for online driving mock theory test websites, then the Focus Media DVD is a good product that will help you pass the theory driving test.

dvla theory test booking

You can not book the theory test through the DVLA, as they don't administer this programme, all test booking is conducted by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) on behalf of the DVLA.
The current cost of the DSA theory test is £30.


  1. I already passed my theory tests the first time I took it. I was kinda nervous at first but eventually I became more comfortable. I'm still nervous and worried about my next [3rd] actual driving test. Hope I will pass this time.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my post That Damn Driving Test. I appreciate it.

  2. If you pass one part and fail the other you will fail the whole driving theory test, and need to attempt for both the test again.Pass driving test with drivng test CD, driving test DVD and driving test software.




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