Practice Driving Test

Practice Driving Examination

A practice driving test is a good way of finding out if you are ready for your driving examination and that you have fully prepared yourself and mastered the DSA car control skills and attained the required standard.

If possible, you should arrange to have your practice driving test with someone other than your normal driving instructor, not only will this ensure your practice driving assessment is fairly unbiased, but it also gets you in the mood of driving with someone unfamiliar next to you as will happen on the day of your real driving test.

In some cases, it is not always possible to have the driving test practice with a different driving school, but even then your normal instructor can still go into a different character and thus simulate the driving test situation, you will also find out that with your instructor only giving driving directions it will soon become apparent if you are truly an independent driver, or you rely too much on your supervising driver!

If you are preparing for the UK practice driving test, you might be interested in Focus Media's Driving Test simulator for the PC.

The Practice Driving Test route

You don't necessarily have to use the actual test routes for your practice driving examination, but your tutor should make sure that whatever roads you go on, that they are as varied as possible, with both low and heavy traffic conditions, wide and narrow roads, roundabouts and high speed carriageways to give you as much exposure as possible to what you might get on the proper driving permit/licence examination.
It is no use trying to avoid traffic during your practice driving test if you might get the same conditions during your dsa test, nor should you skip any of the set parking exercises just because it is not a favorite o yours.

Finally don't get upset or discouraged if you don't 'pass' your practice driving test, it is not the real deal after all, but more importantly, it should open you eyes up to areas that you need to work on to further improve your chances of getting that driving licence on your first or next attempt. A practice driving test is good for you.

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