Driving Test Changes Sept 2008

There has been one change to the DSA UK driving test in september 2008, nothing major like raising the driving test age to 18, 21 or making the driving test harder.

On the 10th september 2008, the DSA driving test examiners started to give candidates feedback on how enviromentally friendly their driving was. The so called green initiative is supposed to help learner drivers be bit more aware of how they could save on fuel costs by adopting an ECO approach to driving.

Things like not accelerating too harshly away from a stop, planning your drive so you don't have to brake too often, wisely choosing gears etc.

Currently you can't fail the driving test for not being eco friendly, but could this be the start to introducing a green driving test? Are there any more changes that we can expect to the driving test in 2008?

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  1. Anonymous9:18 pm

    This may not actually be a really big deal but it is certainly a good way to inform people of how to drive green. As they say, the power of suggestion.




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