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ADI Criminal Checks

One of the Driving Standards Agency requirements to be an instructor is that the person must be 'fit and proper' in order for their name to be entered into the Register of Approved Driving Instructors (ADI).

Prior to 12 March 2007 anyone applying to become a driving instructor and start ADI training never had a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check done on them, relying on the applicant to disclose any convitions on their application forms. These CRB checks are now compulsary to ensure that all potential driving instructors (PDI) and existing ADIs meet the 'fit and proper' criterion.

As an existing driving instructor, I recently had my CRB check done, and the DSA are pleased to inform me that I meet the requirements, and therefore my name can remain on the register for approved driving instructors. All I have to do now is pass my next ADI check tests.

Is your driving instructor fit and proper?

I made a post not too long ago about illegal driving instructors, mentioning that you should check that your teacher is currently registered as an ADI with the DSA, and that their green or pink ADI number badge has their photo on it, and the expiry date has not lapsed. This is more important if you are one of those who chose your instructor because they where offering cheap driving lessons and they were the lowest priced tutor in your area. You want to make sure that your driving instructor does not have any criminal convictions which the DSA consider to be improper for an ADI especially since you would be spending time alone with a total stranger in a car for extentended periods of time, and the fact they have a car with a roof sign, dual controls does not make them legal.

The DSA are doing everything they can to ensure driving instructors are legal, and the best you learner drivers can do is to make sure you only take driving lessons with DSA ADIs who have been CRB checked, and this is easy to know, check their registration badge which they legally have to display on their windscreen/dashboard when giving you paid tuition otherwise you don't have to pay them for the driving lesson.

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