Driving Without Insurance

Learner Driver without insurance

Provisional, full or foreign licence holder, you need driving insurance to legally drive any car here in the UK. This might seem obvious, but I was watching a learner driver programme on TV the other day, and the amount of people caught driving without insurance by the police was amazing.

Ignorance is no excuse, if you have a driving licence and own a car, then you must budget for car insurance, the minimum level of driving insurance required in the UK to legally drive is 3rd party cover, and is the cheapest car insurance available if you are tight on budget. This will cover any 3rd party in the case of an accident or a claim being made if your car damages someone's property. 3rd party car insurance will not cover your vehicle being stolen, fire or repairs to your motorcar if you are involved in an accident. I recommend you at least get this product to stop you being caught driving without motor insurance.

The next level of car driving insurance available is 3rd party, Fire and Theft. In addition to the cover provided above, you are covered against theft of your vehicle or fire damage to the car. This level of cover is a good idea if you car is of value to you (ie you can't afford to lose it due to theft or it being destroyed by fire). This level of motor insurance does not cover you for damages to your vehicle during an accident or any other repairs that might be need if caused by a fault of your own. This insurance product obviously costs more than 3rd party only.

Comprehensive Car Driving Insurance

This is the motor insurance I as a driving instructor uses and is what a lot of drivers have that stops them being caught driving without insurance. This insurance product offers complete protection for the driver, including repairs to your car as well as that of the other party, it can have other options included in it like No claims bonus protection and legal expenses cover. Many companies with comprehensive insurance cover also offer you a new car if your brand new car is involved in an accident and is uneconomical to repair within the the first year.

What is your excuse for driving without car insurance? If you are worried about the premium costs, when not look for companies that specialise in car insurance for young drivers, but what ever you do, don't drive a car without insurance

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