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Further to my becoming a driving instructor advice which I wrote because of the current Red driving school TV advert that keeps bombarding the minds of people with those words 'earn £30,000 a year' if you do your ADI training with us, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the options a potential driving instructor (PDI) can obtain training to becoming a driving instructor.

ADI Training Options

I became a driving instructor through the Instructor college and paid around £2,500. Other similar large training organizations like BSM school of motoring, AA driving school, LDC, are probably charging around £3,000 for their ADI training program (ADI part1, part2 and part3) nowadays. Red driving school does their training through the instructor college, as they are part of the same parent group. These ADI training schools have large marketing budgets, and thus are able to advertise on TV or newspapers, and thus most people would only know about these high cost routes of becoming a driving instructor.

Independent ADI Trainers

There is however another way of training to become a driving instructor and this usually costs a lot less than using a large organization such as Red Driving School or BSM. You can use an independent ADI trainer. A quick search on Google should bring up a list of these individuals who can help you become a driving instructor without it costing an arm or leg. You might also ask an existing driving instructor if they know of any independent ADI trainers.

ADI part 1. This can usually be completed using home study only, and an independent ADI trainer will be able to advice on which books to buy thus reducing costs.

ADI part 2. As you will be required to pass an hour long driving test, that covers all the exercises a learner driver will be taught, covers motorways as well as a varied route, with only 6 driver errors, this is where the independent ADI trainer will start to earn his keep by assessing your driving skills, advice and help you to get to the part 2 test standard. Most independent ADI trainers will charge an hourly rate for training at this stage, and if you work hard practising what you've been told to do, then you can reduce your training costs.

ADI part 3. This is the most difficult part of becoming a driving instructor, and the failure rate on this part of the ADI qualifying is the highest, but an independent ADI trainer can help you to pass the ADI part 3 exam, and in the process save you a lot of money as well.

If you want more information on becoming a driving instructor, check out this new blog, your guide to Driving Instructor Training.

It doesn't have to cost £3,000 to become a driving instructor, use an independent ADI trainer, you can also use them to prepare for your check tests.

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    Provides some good information

  2. Why not become an LGV Driving Instructor. You only need to have 3 years entitlement. Crazy

  3. Great article. We have a guide to choosing a good provider on our website:

    If you click through to the Driving Instructor Training page, there is a free downloadable guide to the 11 ESSENTIAL questions you should ask when looking for a training provider.

    Feel free to post a link on your blog, and keep up the good work!!

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  4. Anonymous12:40 am

    Excellent post, very informative, its hard to find instructor trainers who are ordit registered in london, our driving school has just opened the instructor training department

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