Drunk Driving Provisional Licence Holders

It is only irresponsible provisional licence holders that will be foolish enough to participate in drunk driving, especially when they not only disregard the terms of their driving licence by driving unsupervised, are not insured, but go out drinking with the full intention of driving a car afterwards!

Drunk Driving is the cause of many accidents on the roads all over the world, and as a provsional licence holder who hasn't passed their driving test, this shows that you really shouldn't be given a full licence, since you can't show responsibilty when still learning, how much more when you have passed the test, and are free to drive on the streets unsupervised.

If you as a provisional licence holder is caught drunk driving (you will be caught sooner than later), you can expect a hefty fine, points on your licence, and a resultant rise in your insurance costs. While these would probably not stop you from doing this again, think about if someone dear to you where injured or killed by a drunk driver, it doen't matter if they were fully qualified on not, they should be behind the wheel of a car, if they've been drinking.

So if you have as a provisional licence holder participated in drunk driving in the past, TODAY is a good day to say never again, if you know someone who has done so in the past, you should convince them not to do it again, don't wait till the effects are brought close to home!

You as a provisional licence holder can not drive a car if your supervising driver is drunk, even if you are fully insured on the vehicle, as whoever is sitting by you needs to be in a position to control the car.

Drunk Driving kills.

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