Cheapest Driving Lessons London

I am currently offering cheap driving lessons for anyone looking to learn to drive a car in the following areas of NW London.
Mill Hill, Hendon, Colindale, Edgware, Brent Cross, North Finchley, Burnt Oak, Kingsbury, Kilburn, West Hampstead, Golders Green

I am an ex AA driving school independent instructor based in Mill Hill, London, and can offer you affordable driving lessons without compromising on the quality of driving tuition nor waste your time or hold you back which is provided on a one to one basis (no lesson piggy backing with other learners), and lasts a full one hour.

Cheapest Driving Lessons in London

While I am to offer you cheap driving lessons, I can't promise to be the lowest priced driving school in this area of London, but I can guarantee you that your driving lessons will follow the DSA structured drivers guide, will be in a relaxed atmosphere in an air-conditioned car that is fully maintained, insured with the added option of free video recording onto DVD (you provide the disc) so you can review your lesson in the comfort of your home, and you will get my full attention throughout the whole lesson, as I don't take mobile phone calls during driving lessons, text pupils or use your time to pop into the bank or local supermarket.

I can also offer driving tuition to cover mock tests, refresher lessons if you've passed your test but haven't driven for a long time, cheap motorway lessons. I also cover DSA driving tests for the following test centres: Mill Hill, Hendon and Borehamwood WD6, but you will need to undergo a 2hr assessment lesson before I can decide if I can take you on a driving test if you are not a student of mine. Due to my other commitments and the popularity of my cheap driving lessons coupled with the fact that many enquiries I get from my driving instructor website you need to give me at least 2 week's notice for there to a good chance of you using my car on a driving test.

The video recording on the left gives you an idea of the quality of tuition that you get from the cheap driving lessons I offer to my pupils.

If you are interested in having manual driving tuition with me, then call me on 07956233032, your first driving lessons is only £20 so you can decide if I am the right person to teach you, quite cheap for this part of London (AA currently charges £31 and BSM is £32 with no guarantee of getting a better quality of service). I don't have an automatic car so all tuition is in a manual transmission car.

Driving lessons in the following London postcodes. NW2, NW3, NW4, NW6, NW7, NW9, NW11, HA8, N3.

Cheaper Driving instructor London, £15 driving Lessons Kingsbury, Brent Cross driving school, Free driving Lessons, Colindale.

These are all search terms that learner drivers use to find instructors in NW London because they are looking for good bargains. While I understand that driving lessons are not cheap, if the only reason you choose a driving school or Instructor is because they claim to be the cheapest driving lessons price then you could be making a terrible mistake.

£15 driving lessons
Take this for an example, I paid £15 for my BSM driving lessons in London when I was preparing for my Driving Test in the year 1991, over 17 years later how can you expect to still pay the same amount of money for driving lessons! While not everyone offering affordable driving lessons is an illegal driving instructor, operating a dodgy driving school, anyone offering all driving lessons for £15 in London in today's economy surely has a skeleton in their cupboard!

Cheap Driving Lessons
There are a lot of costs involved with running a driving school, even if it is a one man independent private driving instructor, school car payments, high petrol costs, insurance, car maintenance, marketing costs, and to top it all, you are trying to make a living. This means that to be able to offer the cheapest driving lessons of £15 per hour in London, the 'instructor' is probably using a poorly maintained 10 year old car, might not be insured, might not even be a qualified driving insructor.

My advice to you looking for cheap driving lessons in London, especially £15 per hour, make sure the instructor is fully qualified (check the Green/Pink badge has their photo/ADI number, and the date on the reverse has not expired), the car is insured for you and not the instructor only and that the person will actually be able to teach you how to be a safe driver that will go on to pass the driving test.

Free or cheapest driving lessons are given for a reason, and it is not usually in your own interest though you might not think so when you consider the low price only later to find out you have been ripped off by the so called instructor and was being milked in order to make up for the low price by taking more lessons and attempts at the practical test.

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  1. Some LDC driving school operators are doing some very cheap deals on driving lessons and intensive driving crash courses.

  2. Anonymous11:57 am

    Excellent Post, alot of people dont know the difference between Qualified instructors and Trainee instructors. For example, Many national driving schools (BSM, Red) only use PDI's who are Trainee instructors. Where as others such Want Driving Lessons in london only use qualified instructors. This is a point which should be made clearer to pottential learners.




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