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Let me use this tip to illustrate why it is false economy to think that cheap driving lessons will save you money when it comes to learning to drive and passing the DSA test in the UK.

I recently had an experienced foreign licence holder join my driving school in Mill Mill, and the person was telling me how they had already taken 20 driving lessons and yet was not at the DSA test standard.
Now before you start blaming the ability of the individual, let me say that the problem was not with the learner driver, as they responded well to tuition once they had been corrected, told what to do, and given a bit of practice.
So maybe you are not that good at spotting a good deal as you would like to think.

The work of a driving instructor is to assess an individual's current skills, build up on what they already know, fill in a gaps in their knowledge and give them practice on weaknesses with things they already know or teach them new skills. Every fully qualified ADI in the UK is capable of doing this, the question is do they always give their best or put the interest of their client first?

If the AA is charging £29 per hour of tuition in my area, and you as a learner are only willing to pay £20 then you should not expect to get a high quality of service, £25 is the average lesson price here in North West London and this reasonable price tag is what can deliver the service you desire (not a guarantee, but if anyone charging this amount is not a good instructor, dump them after the first driving lesson, they don't deserve a second chance of impressing you).

Anyone charging very low prices for lessons will have to make up their loss by keeping you learning with them longer by delaying the progress you make, keep running costs down by using delay tactics such as pulling you over everytime you make a mistake and giving you a long lecture on the topic, getting stuck in traffic, not telling you the whole skills required by the examiner so that you fail the test on more than one occasion. The list goes on, in the meantime they keep you happy by being very friendly, encouraging, afterall you are getting cheap lessons and you are learning and practising on those DSA driving test routes, what more can you want?

Everyone knows that you get what you pay for, so don't go for the cheapest instructor in town, evaluate the service you get each and everyday, an instructor can not have an off day, they either give you their best each time you are charged money, or they don't deserve your cash. Don't forget that even the AA, BSM have some not so honest individuals, so paying top dollar doesn't always mean excellent service but I have never seen someone charging £15 per hour (london) in today's climate offering value.

If you would like to see what quality driving tuition is like, and live or work in NW London then why not call or send me a text message on 07956233032 and book a lesson with me today.

Tip: If you haven't passed the driving test yet, then you need to read the Highway Code everyday to keep your knowledge current.

Thinking about becoming an instructor? Don't just make a decision based on the red driving school TV advertisement, do the proper research and know all the ADI training options available to you.

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  1. The LDC website has some great tips about the driving test including an interactive driving test report where you can click the item you failed on get lots of advice about why it happened and how to cure it.

  2. Not only driving must be taught but also some things that are related into it so that there will be no problems in the future.

  3. For a budget conscious and don't have extra money to get into an exclusive driving lessons,you really inspire us to learn and get instructional tips from your article.

  4. My opinion in this matter is on both parties.First,the learner driver should be responsible in absorbing what the instructor is teaching.On the other hand,the instructor should always give their best to help and share their knowledge to their students.




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