New learner driver pupil today

I had a driving lesson with one of the new pupils that joined me recently.

As she had driven with an ADI before, I checked her license, eye sight and put her straight in the driving seat! After a quick briefing informing her that the first 20mins will be spent with me accessing her driving, she completing her Cockpit drill, we were off.

We drove around the local area, and few things were immediately obvious, the first M in MSM was non existent, she hardly used the handbrake, and her observations at junctions was inadequate. What bothered me was that she was doing these errors with such consistency, that I wondered why her previous ADI had not addressed these issues. Even when she moved off, she did not check all around the vehicle!

The rest of the driving lesson was spent getting her to do things correctly, and because I was talking a lot, she did get a bit nervous, as she was thinking that she was making too many mistakes, when the real problem was she had been allowed to develop bad driving habits that had not been corrected.

At the end of the lesson, I highlighted the main points we had covered, and encouraged her to note them down so she could revise them before the next lesson. We meet again next Sunday.

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