I don't need a driving instructor

Okay I do need a driving instructor, but only because I haven't passed my driving test and don't have my own car at the moment.

Don't you just love it when you meet learner drivers who seem to know everything and are always giving advice, yet their life doesn't seem to be working out? Every so often I meet pupils who say they don't really need driving lessons, some even try to tell me how to do my job, and know exactly what is required to pass the driving test, yet still hold a provisional driving license!

Well today, I had a lesson with one of those type. My pupil had taken a driving test about 2 years ago, had not driven since then, but had 5 lessons with me, the last being almost 5 weeks ago, so today I wanted to see how much she remembered from the last driving lesson and then to discuss her preparations for a test booked for next month.

So I inform her we are just going to drive around and go over what we have done so far, and if time permits we'll have a look at something new. So we are off, I give directions going through several local junctions just to make sure her approaches are fine, when she mentions 'I'd like to practise around the test centre area, as there are some tricky roads in that area'. Well will you allow me to do the driving lesson plan thank you!

Anyway I had already noticed that her speed was a bit fast for the conditions, so had to caution on that, by this time we were at the road where I was aiming to do the first manoeuvre, the parallel park. I pull her up, tell her what we are going to do, and advise her to proceed when it is safe. She does the manoeuvre, but is nowhere accurate and has to move back and forth twice before finishing. So I have to teach her a method that allows her to complete the exercise in one smooth motion. She tries this twice, and this works out for her.

To cut a long story short, most of the driving lesson passes with me having to correct driving mistakes, with her always having an excuse for why that mistake was made.

At the end of the lesson, I advice her as a driving instructor that it would beneficial to her if she had 2 lessons a week until her test which is not too far away, to which she says she does not think she needs that many lessons. Fortunately for her, I don't consider her driving dangerous, so I will allow her to take the test in my car, however barring a miracle, there is no chance of her passing the driving test.

I don't think I will be willing to continue teaching her after the test, as she is not willing to take advise and seems to know it all. I will keep you posted on her progress, she is skipping the week, so next lesson is on Saturday.

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