New driving school pupil

My driving school website has supplied me with a new learner driver who is a complete beginner, young and enthusiastic and hopefully will be a long time client staying until they pass the driving test.

Since he had not driven with an ADI before, I started the driving lesson by giving an introduction to what the Driving Standards Agency would be looking for on the day of the test, emphasizing that it's not just about driving, but safe driving, and it has to be at a particular standard. We went to a quiet road where I checked the license and eye sight and then showed him how to safely get into the car.

Next followed a full controls lesson, covering the cockpit drill, the car controls and some of the responsibilities of the driver with regards to the car and his passengers. While most younger learners are very keen to get driving on their first lesson, it is necessary to lay down the basics which will help them throughout their driving career.

After the controls lesson, I gave a quick summary of what we had covered, asked if he had any questions to which he said NO, so I asked him a few questions to check if he had been listening and had assimilated what I had gone through.

We had about 20 minutes left, so I proceeded to the next lesson which was moving off and stopping.

After the briefing, we were able to move off and stop twice, and we did a bit of straight line reversing to conclude the lesson, a quick re-cap, with me advising him to get a driving journal so he can make notes and refer to them in between lessons and that was the end of the first lesson.

While we didn't get to drive as much as he had wanted, there was a lot of information imparted, and I wouldn't be surprised if on the next driving lesson, I'll have to give some reminders on both the cockpit drill and do a complete talk through of moving off and stopping.

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