Slightly busy Saturday

Since I only work part time as a driving instructor, I tend to only do a few lessons on a Saturday, usually three. Today I only had 2 pupils, but I did have to work for my money.

The first pupil was my matured student from last Saturday, I decided to take a trip down to the Hendon test centre where we were to practise bay parking, however the drive down was far from smooth. The pupil's speed was not appropriate for the conditions, she was driving too close to parked cars, use of gears was wrong. In summary she was all over the place, as usual there was an excuse for a lot of the mistakes.

We got to the test centre just before 9:00am, but it was still busy for a Saturday morning, our first attempt didn't go well, so I decided to go for a drive around the local area, and then return for a second attempt.

Having advised the pupil to take things a little slower and keep those observations frequent, we managed to do it this time. We had to start making our way home, as the centre was a little far from her home, and I used the opportunity to address the issues we had on our way in. Hopefully if she sticks with the advise given, we will be ready for the test. I see her again on Tuesday.

My second pupil for the day was a complete novice, the third of my new pupils that had joined me over the last week and a half, so it was a full controls lesson, going through the cockpit drill, car controls, and a quick attempt at moving off and stopping.

I asked her at the end of the lesson how she taught it had gone, and she said she had fun, well at least someone was, because I was tried, still had to do some shopping, so was glad it was over for the day. I'd better get some rest, as I have two pupils I have to work hard on tomorrow.

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