Hazard Perception Test

Hazard Perception on the Driving Theory Test

Speaking recently to someone who wants to become an Approved Driving instructor (ADI), reminded me that I have an examination to take if I want to continue to being an Approved Driving Instructor.

I have to take a Hazard Perception Test (HPT) before December 2006, or my name will be removed from the ADI register, and I will no longer be able to take money for giving driving lessons. The reason being that when I was qualifying to become an ADI the HPT was not part of the theory test (part 1) a potential Driving Instructor (PDI) had to take. The powers that be have now changed that, hence the reason I have to take the test before the end of next year, so I too have to get out the CD Rom and start clicking.

So if you are preparing for your theory test, spare a thought for the thousand of driving instructors who are also studying just like you are to pass their hazard perception tests, here is to us all passing!

Theory test changes 2011

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