Another driving lesson goes bad!

My learner driver pupil had her second driving lesson of the week yesterday, and after a good performance doing the reverse round the corner a few days ago on Tuesday, I was looking forward to another relaxed day of tuition and some more progress in her driving skills.

It didn't happen! Her moving off was fine, but less than 100m down the road, at her first T junction, it all went pear shaped!

To summarise most of the driving lesson did not go well, with loads of mistakes being made, we did go over the 'reverse round the corner' exercise which I had to talk her through, and that was it.

To be honest I had to really stop myself from losing my cool, as it was very frustrating for me to have to go over basics every time and it not sinking in.

At the end of the lesson, another serious talk, with her assignment being to read up again the sections we covered in her copy of the Driving Manual.

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  1. Sorry my dear! Take it easy. Dont worry she will learn




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