Need Some Help Passing UK Driving Test?

If you need some help, advice, encouragement or just want to share your frustrations of what you go through as you prepare for your UK driving test, then why not leave a comment on this blog, or get in touch with me via twitter ukadi_.

On the other hand if you would like to meet with other provisional licence holders like you or interact with driving instructor near you then visit the 2Pass Forum.

You will find helpful fully qualified driving instructors, official DVSA examiners, and fellow learner drivers all willing to help and share their experiences of what they encounter on the way to getting that all important test pass certificate.

You are not alone, and will even find a shoulder to cry on, but more importantly you will be able to find someone who has probably gone through what you have, so thereby learn from other people's mistakes, as just one minor error is all that might make the difference between a pass or fail on the next attempt at the UK practical test!

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