ADI Hazard Perception Test Sotware

I managed over the weekend to install the Hazard Perception Test software on my PC so I could start preparing for my compulsary ADI Theory Test only to find out it was an old 2003/2004 version, and only contained 8 sample video clips with which I could practise.

I had a brief look at the instructions, and then dived straight into the computer test, on the first attempt, I scored 33/40, second attempt 36/40.

I settled down and had a thorough read of the instructions for the hazard perception software, and then understood how the software works.

On each clip there is either one or two MAJOR hazards, a hazard being anything that will cause you change direction or speed. Each hazard has a 'window' divided into 5 segments, during the test, you need to use the mouse to click on the 'Flag' button once you spot the 'Major' hazard. You should only click on the 'Flag' button again if you spot a different hazard.

Depending on how quickly you spot the hazard and click the 'Flag' button, you will be given a score of between 5 and 0, 5 for spotting and clicking the 'Flag' very early and 0 if you click the 'Flag' button when the software determines that your reaction was too late. So the test is all about spotting and clicking the 'Flag' button as soon as you spot the hazard. However there is a quirk, the program will always use your last 'Flag' within the hazard 'window' as the 'Final Answer', so you have to be careful not to click more than once after spotting a hazard. For example if you are driving along a road, notice a pedestrian crossing ahead, and a child running towards it, so you click 'Flag', the first click might have scored 5, if you then click 'Flag' again as the same child steps on the crossing your mark could change to 2 or whatever is the score for that segment of the 'window. This is to penalise anyone who just clicks randomly hoping to score points without actually spotting the hazard, I made a few of these mistakes during my 2 attempts, as I would click the flag button more than once for the same hazard.

So if you are practicing for the hazard perception test, then make sure you know what the hazard is, and only click the 'Flag' button once for that hazard. Also note that there will be other hazards on the clip, clicking the 'Flag' button on these will not score points, neither will you lose points for clicking on them, so it is a good habit to click the 'Flag' button when you spot a different hazard. I hope this post gives you a better understanding of how the hazard perception test works and enables you to prepare properly for it.

As always comments are welcome, or let me know of any inaccuracies.

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  1. Found your blog today, and enjoying it, added you to my blog links on my blog :o)

  2. Hazard perception, hmm that is all i can say, its quite difficult cause you are driving, checking your mirrors, changing gears, trying to listen to your instructor, signaling at the same time checking out for potential hazards, no wonder i always have a headache at the end of the lessons, *sigh*;)

  3. Anonymous4:14 am

    Actually, the DSA HPT (and all the HPT learning software that I've seen) does not take your last click (flag) for scoring purposes. It uses your earliest click of any that fall within the scoring window. Therefore you do not lose points for clicking twice within the scoring window.




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