Practice what you driving instructor says

Yesterday I had the opportunity of doing exactly that, as my difficult pupil had a driving lesson in the evening.

It was 2 weeks since the last lesson (couldn't make last week for personal reasons), so I wasn't exactly expecting much. The move off was okay, with the car rolling slightly back which I addressed immediately. Next were 2 T junctions which went without incident, and we were now on a 50MPH dual carriage, approaching Apex corner roundabout from the Watford direction.

I gave the directions 'at the roundabout turn right, 3rd exit', and the pupil promptly checked mirrors, indicated right and moved to the right lane, as we got closer to the roundabout, there were 4 lanes, and for some reason my pupil decided to stop in the 3rd lane from the left (behind a vehicle) which had markings for following the road ahead. Being a very busy light controlled junction (though not very busy at 19:45, the time of the lesson), there was no time to ask what lane she should have approached in, I instructed her to move into the right lane, her right hand signal was on.

The traffic lights changed and we were off, past the 1st exit, as we were approaching the 2nd exit I was asking which exit do we want, the answer wasn't quick enough so I flicked the indicator left and pointed to our exit, unfortunately we were slight off to the right, and as we started drifting to the left to take our exit, an idiot decided to overtake us on the left and then cut across our path to the right. The front left bumper of our car touched his right rear bumper, the car failed to stop, so I didn't say anything to my pupil who probably didn't even realise what had happened! I pulled her up on a side road a little later and then went over the incident with her. What was a bit frustrating for me was we had done that roundabout about 15 times, as we always pass that roundabout in the same direction when we leave the pupils home!

Driving Lesson Video - Hill Start

The rest of the driving lesson was spent doing some junctions, a bit of general driving, Turn in the road and parallel parking, with a bit of work on my part to get the manoeuvres up to scratch. Thursdays are my least favourite days at the moment.

At the end of the lesson, at bit of a peep talk, with me advising her to write down the main points 'learnt' in her notebook so she can go over them before her next lesson.

I drove back home to watch the last 30 minutes of The Bill Live.

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