Driving Instructor Life Sunday Lesson

It is always good when driving lessons go as planned, and the pupil also has a nice time in the learning process, well last Sunday was such a day.

It was a lovely sunny day, so I picked up my elderly lady pupil up, she was a bit late turning up, so I made a mental note to end the lesson early.

We drove out of the premises onto the local side streets, and I could see she was relaxed, the roads were narrow with cars on either side, but she kept the speed reasonable and didn't have any problems meeting traffic.

We then drove down a one way street, to join the busy Harrow road Edgware, as we got to the end of the road, there were 2 cars trying to turn right, we wanted to turn left, but due to the wrong positioning of the second car, we could not get to the give way, so we held back.

Out of nowhere a driver came from the main road and started barging his way through this one way street (obviously as the Sun was out, you can always be sure there will be lunatics around), this didn't faze my pupil, and we soon were on Harrow road, crawling in traffic towards Stonebridge Bridge park.

We joined the A406 at Stonebridge Park, and began to calm my pupil, by advising her not to worry about the fast cars overtaking but concentrate on the road ahead, and if safe to go above 30mph, as the speed limit was 40mph. We drove on the A406 for a while and came off at Neasden Junction, where we met heavy traffic, we were in this for about 15 minutes, but my pupil dealt with it very well, starting and stopping as necessary, keeping junctions clear, and not stalling the car. I was very impressed as last week this hadn't gone well.

We made our way to Wembley past the Arena which was being refurbished before rejoining Harrow road again, and then on the side streets where we did a Turn in the Road on a very narrow street. Again my pupil excelled at this, and as we pulled up in the church car park, I had a nice sense of accomplishment and when I asked her how the lesson went she said she had a good time though nervous, and was happy with her progress.

As I drove home, I was thinking this is one of the reasons why I became a driving instructor and love this job, making a change in someone's life. Though she is not at test standard yet, she is much further down the road than when she had started, she just needs to get her theory test out of the way, and we can start planning towards a practical test date.

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