Pass Plus is not just for Young Drivers

Pass Plus is not just for young drivers who have passed the driving test and are looking for discounts to cheaper car insurance, but it will benefit all newly qualified inexperienced drivers who want to be safe drivers and keen to learn more about driving from their instructor.

While Pass Plus might be targeted more at the teenaged drivers, there is a lot in the 6 hour course that will benefit anyone whose only driving experience has been the driving lessons taken while preparing for the practical car test.

Some of the topics covered on Pass Plus include:

* Town driving
* All-weather driving
* Driving out of town
* Night driving
* Driving on dual carriageways
* Driving on motorways

However the most important emphasis is on how to be a safer driver, even taking into account the mistakes or actions of other drivers or road users, knowing that the right attitude is always key!

If you have recently passed the driving test, have no previous experience, then you might want to speak to your instructor about Pass Plus, the cost of the course could easily save you not just insurance premiums, repairs to your car, but even your life or of someone you love, and no price can be attached to that!

Need some advanced driving lessons after passing your test or refresher confidence building help from a very helpful, patient and fully qualified instructor, then why not call or send me a text message on 07956233032.

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