Taking Driving Test without Instructor or Lessons

If you are a foreign licence holder or have been taught to drive by a family member do not think you can pass the UK driving test without taking a lesson or two from a driving instructor, especially if you want to succeed on the 1st attempt!

You might be confident and very capabale of driving a car from A to B, but the DSA examiner is looking for more than an ability to just drive a car, and only a fully qualified driving instructor will be able to tell you what the current standards/requirements you are currently able to meet them.

One other important thing that only an ADI will be able to help you with, is to identify bad driving habits that might cause you to commit serious faults during the test. The problem is that you might even have been taught these habits by your parents who passed their test many years ago, and are not in touch with current DSA requirements.

Foreign drivers wishing to get a full UK licence will no doubt have many habits that they have built up over the years, some which might be acceptable in their country of origin, but will cause you to fail here in the UK. Don't assume because you passed the theory test first time, that you know everything that the DSA examiner requires. In fact I've meet many overseas drivers who knew nothing about the POM Routine which showed in their driving skills, hardly applied MSM, just flicking the indicator switch on hearing the words left or right, and thought they had a good chance of passing (they did after spending a few hours taking lessons to educate them)!

So the truth of the matter is that you need an instructor's guidance to know what the driving test is all about, and make sure you have the knowledge and skills to pass the 40 minutes dsa driving assessment, and I can tell you that the money spent on driving lessons will pay off if you choose the right instructor.

If you need the reassurance that you have what it takes to pass the current UK driving test, then why not call or send me a text message on 07956233032, you will be glad you did when you pass on the first attempt.

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  1. Far too many foreign drivers think that they can pass the test as they have foreign driving experience. many will find themselves spending hundreds of pounds on booking driving tests and failing in return

    Its far more sensible to learn real driving skills and pick up valuable knowledge from an Approved driving instructor and pass your test easily.

    Javez Khan
    "Training for people with driving test nerves". www.javezkhan.com




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