Driving Test Junctions

One of the reasons why many candidates fail the driving test at junctions is because they don't cocentrate fully on dealing with the junction looking for a safe gap to emerge or join the roundabout, instead part of their mind is thinking about the impatient car behind them, how long they have been at the junction, is the driving examiner going to fail me for undue hesitation, especially since I've just missed a gap with that bus that was approaching slowly.

I have said this many times before, but many learner drivers would still rather believe what someone who has only taken a DSA test once or twice says: The examiner will not fail you just because you spent a long time at a junction. Many of you will be taking your tests during the rush hour, and a t-junction or roundabout can be very busy, and no matter what the car behind you is doing, you MUST NOT ENTER THE JUNCTION if it is not safe!

Some of the skills you need to be able to deal safely with junctions include:

1. Moving off smoothly and quickly especially in not taking automatic driving lessons.

2. Spotting safe gaps in traffic. This particular skill requires a lot of pratice to get right, and you are going to make a few mistakes along the way, but you should not allow this to discourage you. It is things like this where your driving instructor should work for their money giving you the necessary advice, tips to help you build your confidence in this important decision making step.

3. Resistance to other road users bullying you. We all know that there are not a lot of patient drivers out their when it comes to learners, many will stop right behind not leaving enough space to get round you if you stall, or expect you to take risks including causing others to stop or slow down when you enter a junction. You need to remember while it might be acceptable for them, the DSA examiner will fail you for doing what might be common behaviour for full licence holders.

4. A car hooting their horn at you is not an automatic fail. There are so many myths about like this. You need to concentrate on being safe and not rush a junction.

Driving Lessons are meant to be used to learn a skill, get enough experience via continual practice which then leads to confidence (you don't have to like it).

Since Junctions are in the top 5 reasons for failing you need to make sureyou take enough time dealing with any weaknesses, not just going over test routes but covering a wide variety of different roads and conditions including rush hour traffic.

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