DVSA Driving Test Routes Can Change Anytime!

If the only thing you do on driving lessons is to insist that your instructor concentrates on going over the local test centre routes, then you are not adequately preparing yourself, because driving test routes can change at anytime especially if there are local roadworks or an accident. What will you do in that situation?

Apart from that, how do you know that the instructor is actually covering the whole routes, but more importantly how will you know how to drive safely once you have passed, bought your own car, and need to go somewhere you have never been before. There are many people who have passed the driving test, and been killed in a traffic accident not long after! While you might be more interested in a pass certificate, shouldn't your priority be knowing how to deal with any situation that you might encounter on the road, including fast dual carriageways, multi-lane roundabouts, narrow country lanes, and develop some defensive driver skills and how to follow SatNav?

The UK roads are becoming more congested everyday (despite rising cost of driving), and knowing how to be safe should always be at the back of your mind, especially for young inexperienced motorists. Passing the driving test is just the first step to gaining the necessary experience that will keep you safe during your life long career as a driver, and test routes will never cover everything you will encounter in real life!

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  1. Anonymous11:46 am

    I am very concerned in the manner in which you teach your pupils, especially the atmosphere that you create.
    Driving a car for the first time and thereafter is a very stressful experience and learners need a positive, constructive atmosphere in which to assimilate information and to develop as a driver. The atmosphere that you create, however, is one of tension and apprehension, purely because you don't have realistic expectations of your pupils.
    Expecting your pupils to learn the Highway Code is fine, but it only needs a familiarisation as certain rules are more applicable in both theory and practice than others. But to expect them to learn EVERY rule creates unnecessary tension between the pupil and yourself, leading to an inability to form a proper working relationship between learner and instructor (a relationship that's vital if you expect pupils to assimilate what you've said, and then take what they've assimilated in the previous lesson into the next lesson). Also, in the video above, comments like 'you only have yourself to blame' a re really unhelpful, since most learners have no or very little confidence and the last thing they want to hear is a comment that only makes them likely to make more mistakes.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree with you in that 'you can never be overprepared or have too much information', but this needs to be balanced with a patient and understanding attitude which will defuse any tense situations and lead to a better working relationship.




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