Easiest Driving Test Centre London to Pass

Many people think that the easiest place to pass in London is the Pinner driving test centre, and judging by the the fact that the current waiting time is 20 weeks, many people are booking their appointments there, even willing to travel long distances across London in the hope of getting a pass certificate.

I had my first driving test at Pinner recently, and the candidate passed, so you can make of that what you like (there were quite a few driver errors I had to correct in the sessions before the assesssment), but you still need to bear in mind that no matter how easy you think the driving test routes are there is a lot that can go wrong during the 40 minutes you are in the car with the DSA examiner, so preparation is the key even if you are taking the automatic car driving test and don't need to worry about gears.

One thing to bear in mind is that routes can change at anytime, and even simple things like road works or a car accident can severely change traffic conditions, so having enough driving experience is critical and more important than memorising routes or locations of driving test manuevers.

hendon test centre routes
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If you think that a particular driving test centre is an easy place to pass at, you could be giving yourself false hopes and just putting money into the DSA's pockets if you don't concentrate on getting your skills to the required level but instead want to play games of chance.

I don't use Pinner for my learner's tests, the centres near to me and which I am familiar with the examiners and routes are Watford,Hendon, Borehamwood and Mill Hill NW7. I have even created a Special Video for anyone taking their test in the difficult Mill Hill Centre to help them succeed especially when you consider it has a low pass rate of 34%!

Mill Hill Video

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Borehamwood Test Route Video

Providing useful tips and advice of the common places where candidates fail in Borehamwood, updated in 2015.

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