Driving Lesson Roundabouts Confusion

I have seen it many times during driving lessons in London where learner drivers just get totally confused at roundabouts, not remembering who to give way to, which lane to use, should I indicate or not, what about exiting, I'm turning right, why do I have to first go to the left?

Everyone will have their least favorite part to learning to drive, and for many roundabouts are like a major obstacle, which is why you need to make sure your driving instructor not only gives you enough practice on these, but makes sure you understand and overcome any fears you have of these junctions.

To recap, the basic principles are:

1. Give way to traffic approaching from the right. If roundabout is controlled by traffic lights, then these take priority, so go if they are green.

2. You need to make an effort to go round mini-roundabouts, but it is okay if you wheels touch part of the white markings on very small ones.

3. Signalling: The video below should help you with signalling:

4. Don't approach any junction too fast, the faster your car is, the faster your reactions/thinking process needs to be.

As with all your driving test preparations, practise, practice and practise some more, confidence comes from a combination of knowlwdge and experience, your driving lessons should be structured to get rid of weaknesses while re-empasising your strenghts.

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