Passed Driving Test - Reverse Carefully

If you have passed the driving test you hopefully would realise that it takes time to gain the experience required to become a safer driver and should consider taking the Pass Plus Course, not just because you might get cheaper car insurance but it will be a step in the right direction of increasing the experience and knowledge that could help you avoid an accident in the future.

One thing that you need to do now if you've just got your full driving licence and have a car, is to take extra care when performing any reversing exercises.
It will take some time to get used to the size of your car, and more importantly do not feel pressurised if you have passengers in the vehicle, take your time, and if necessary get out and access the situation, afterall it is your hard earned money that will be damaged if you make a mistake (unless it is your parent's vehicle which I'm sure they will not be happy to see dented or scratched).

Here is some advice from the Highway Code:

1. Choose an appropriate place to perform your reversing maneuver, preferably a quiet place or road.

2. Do not reverse into a main road (many people do this, but if you are involved in an accident, you will be at fault), it is dangerous. It is better and safer to reverse into your driveway off a main road.

3. Perform effective observations, and take extra care to look out for pedestrians in particular children who might not be aware of a reversing car.

4. Only reverse as far as necessary.

5. At supermarket car parks, be on the lookout for other cars reversing at the same time as you, and be aware that space could be limited.

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Thinking about becoming an instructor? Don't just make a decision based on the red driving school TV advertisement, do the proper research and know all the ADI training options available to you.

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