Driving Courses to avoid Speeding Penalty Points

Police forces across the UK are considering policy changes to allow more drivers to avoid penalty points on their licences by instead going on safety awareness courses which would cost about £100.

When the new policies come into force, as is the case in Oxfordshire, not only will more people who have been caught speeding either by cameras or traffic police officers be able to opt to go on a course to avoid points being added to license, but the speed threshold is also being increased, so for example where driving at 35mph in a 30 zone would have meant points or prosecution, you could still go on a course if you where caught doing 42mph!

To avoid repeat offenders from abusing this new system, you will only be able to avoid points by going on a course only once in a 3 year period, otherwise iit will be points, fines and a possible ban.

I wonder how the new policy will affect car insurance since technically your licence is still clean?

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