Driving Lesson Biting Point

On your first driving lesson you will have learnt one of the most basic skills that you will be using for the rest of your driving life (automatic car lessons excluded), how to find the biting point.

If you are at test level and your driving instructor has recently changed cars maybe from a diesel to petrol engine, it is important that you take the extra time to master finding the biting point in your new vehicle.

So what is the biting point on a car and why do we need to find it when learning to drive a manual car.

The biting point refers to the situation when in first gear (or reverse) where the clutch is balanced so that it is just engaged connecting the engine to the wheels of the car but not fully enough to actually drive. When properly found, you should be able to release the handbrake and the car would still remain still or only slightly crawl. The purpose of finding the biting point is to get the vehicle prepared to move off just before carrying out your observations (POM).

A good way of making finding the biting point easy, is to always set the gas, listen to the engine noise die slightly as you slowly bring up the clutch till it engages. As with all driving skills, you need to practise this until you can perform it at the drop of a hat.

If you don't have confidence in this basic driving skill, then you will likely have problems moving off at junctions, performing hill starts and even doing driving test maneuvers, so make sure your ADI or teacher helps to master geting the biting point.

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